Weekend Game Jam: From idea to playtesting

Always wanted to make a game, but never thought you had the time to do it?

Come discover the joy and magic of making a game over the course of ONE WEEKEND! Get started after work on Friday… Share it with your friends on Monday.

How to find this event:

We’ll be in the “poker Room” Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Saturday teams can work from wherever they decide to meet up.

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This event has three parts:

Friday (Idea Night)

7pm – 10pm

Gather together and come up with ideas, break into groups and start to hone them. Drinks will be provided.


Saturday (Maker Day)

10am – 10pm

Work in your teams wherever you’re most comfortable meeting. Build a working prototype (digital or paper/cardboard). Invite playtesters to try it out.


Sunday (Game Time)

12pm – 6pm

Get back together and playtest each other’s games. Offer feedback. Decide on next steps. And select a winning game to help crowd fund. Snacks will be provided.


Experienced Game Makers will be around throughout the event to help mentor, coach, and support all teams.

*3 Options For Participating*
There are 3 ways to participate in this weekend long event…

Option 1: Be a *Supporter*… Come out to watch, learn, and root for game makers (Come for all or any part of the event.)

Option 2: Be a *Maker*… Pitch a game idea and recruit a team to help make it (full weekend participation required)

Option 3: Be a *Playtester*… Try the games that get made, offer feedback and support local game makers. (Sunday attendance required, Friday requested)