Meet-in Series: Businesses & Makers Together

In response to the adapting needs of the Knoxville community, The Maker City is hosting conversations between makers, artists, and the public to highlight how people are using their skills to respond to current events. This program is a weekly chat with local businesses followed by an open discussion, led by Forrest Kirkpatrick of Fork Design.

This week, we will speak with Spencer Ratliff (Old North Designs) and Alex Jaynes (A. Jaynes Woodworks) about their new shared maker space in the Old City — Able Trade — followed by a conversation about working together to meet Knoxville’s needs.

Join us to learn how these makers are stepping out from the norm to meet the needs of our community and how you might find a fit in their new space.

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About the facilitator:
As an architect and fabricator, Forrest works to bridge the gap between ideas, needs, and the real life details that make solutions a reality. Join us as we work together.

Monday Maker Marketplace

Shop local right from your home! Check it out here >>>

Every Monday at 8am, The Maker City will have five pieces by Knoxville makers for sale on Instagram. Each week, everyone is invited to bid and support local makers.

This is your opportunity to show some extra love to makers and allow them to keep the passion and business alive, so bid them up!

At 8pm, the highest bid wins. All transactions will be finalized between the maker and the winner.

If you are a maker that is interested in participating, please visit our website to apply!