Make. Learn. Grow. Organizing Time, Tech, and Things

MAKE. LEARN. GROW. is an informal lunch-and-learn series for makers led by local experts to help you grow your business.

A new year is a perfect time to reset, refresh, and refocus. We’re kicking 2020 off by focusing on getting organized — your tech, your time, and your things. Start this season out right by building good habits, and clean out the clutter so you can save time for the important things in your life and your business!

This session of Make. Learn. Grow. will tackle three areas of organization and features four panelists to give you the inspiration, motivation, and information you need to start the year off right.

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Make. Learn. Grow. The Heart Part

Accounting, strategic planning, marketing: they’re all important parts of running a business. But what about the heart part? How do you deal with the fear of rejection? The loneliness that comes with being your one and only team member? What do you do to beat bad habits? What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

This Make. Learn. Grow. conversation will include local business coaches discussing the heart of the matter and the emotional side of business.

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