About the Innov865 Alliance

innov865-allianceThe Innov865 Alliance develops, supports, and promotes the Knoxville region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a collaborative effort to celebrate and showcase Knoxville as a great place for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses and increase access to capital. Innov865 Week is our signature event; however, the Alliance coordinates other activities throughout the year, including pitch competitions, educational opportunities, and social events.

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Innov865 Events

The Innov865 Alliance hosts events throughout the year that celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation, and showcase Knoxville as the destination for startups and entrepreneurs in East Tennessee.

Startup Day 2021

Discover the world-changing ideas coming from Knoxville’s entrepreneurs at Startup Day 2020! We’re working on an exciting program for you, as we prepare to showcase Knoxville’s most investable startups!

Innov865 Week

Innov865 Week is a week-long series of events that showcases Knoxville as a prime destination for startups and entrepreneurs.

Innov865 Investor Series

The Innov865 Alliance has created an Innov865 Investor Series to give Knoxville’s entrepreneurs more opportunities to hear from and interact with investors in our region.

Innov865 Mayoral Events

At events and mayoral forums hosted by the Innov865 Alliance, Knoxville’s leaders share their ideas and perspectives on entrepreneurship and innovation for the region. 

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